Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gustav & Ulla Kraitz Propose Roosevelt Island Sculpture Donation For Southpoint Park Entrance Facing United Nations - Is Roosevelt Island Future Home For Outdoor Sculpture Exhibits?

Will Roosevelt Island be turned into an "Island Of Art" filled with outdoor sculptures made by world renowned artists? The answer is yes if Roosevelt Island Gallery RIVAA's Tad Sudol has his way.

During the October 22 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors meeting (full video of meeting here), Mr. Sudol presented the Island Of Art plan to RIOC Directors beginning with the proposed installation of a sculpture (pictured below) donated by Swedish artists Gustav & Ulla Kraitz .

If the donation is approved by RIOC, the Kraitz sculpture is likely to be placed just in front of the entrance to Southpoint Park

facing the United Nations next to the East River.

Roosevelt Island resident Elisabeth Stapen is assisting Gustav and Ulla Kraitz

Image of Gustav & Ulla Kraitz From Wikipedia

with the sculpture donation to Roosevelt Island. According to Ms. Stapen, the sculptors will be meeting with RIOC Wednesday October 28 to discuss their sculpture donation and to finalize details.

Art Daily reports:
... Ulla and Gustav Kraitz are one of Sweden's foremost artists sharing a prolific career of four decades. Their work has been exhibited widely throughout the world and can be seen in museums, parks, and public settings in Europe and the U.S. Most notable is their Hope Monument to famed humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, which is installed in front of the United Nations Building in New York City.
Here's video of Mr. Sudol's October 22 Island Of Art presentation

to the RIOC Board Directors discussing the Kraitz sculpture, a proposal to display equipment parts from the old Roosevelt Island Tram

Roosevelt Island Tram Spinning Wheels Images From Gallery RIVAA'a Tad Sudol

in the Motorgate Atrium Gallery and competitions to install a new sculpture on Roosevelt Island each year.