Monday, October 5, 2015

Roosevelt Island AVAC Garbage Removal System Out Of Service For Southtown Riverwalk & Roosevelt Landings Buildings - Garbage Bags & Smells Piling Up

Earlier today, I asked Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelidato:

The Riverwalk buildings AVAC system has been out of service for several days.

I have been told it will be out for "a while".

Any statement on what the AVAC problem is and when it will be fixed?

Also, any statement on Roosevelt Landings AVAC system being out of service.
The Riverwalk AVAC room chutes have been closed

resulting in garbage bags and smells piling up in Riverwalk basements.

RIOC President Indelicato replied:
The Riverwalk Building AVAC system has a major jamb in the main pipe, from valves L-1 to L-4, since Friday. The sanitation department (DSNY) has cleared part of the main pipe blockage, from valves L-1 to L-2, but the pipe continues to be jammed from valves L-3 to L-4. The DSNY will continue to remove the blockage tomorrow morning. They may have the main pipe cleared by tomorrow Noon.

There is currently garbage in the chutes. The DSNY requires the cooperation from the building superintendents, by locking the garbage chutes, so that they can continue to clear the jam. DSNY workers are going over now to Riverwalk to see the superintendents.

The DSNY doesn’t inform engineering every time there is a jam, so this is the first that I’ve heard of this particular blockage.

The Roosevelt Landings is an electrical problem. It should be resolved this week.
AVAC jams are often caused by residents placing items into the chutes that are not intended to go down the chutes

such as computers, broken up desks, basketballs and other large objects.

An upgrade to the Roosevelt Island AVAC garbage removal system was a subject of the September 29 Manhattan Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island committee.

Below is the Roosevelt Island AVAC Upgrade presentation

made by Envac representative Rosina Abramson (former RIOC President and Vice President).

Here's the full Envac AVAC Roosevelt Island presentation, including questions and answers from residents.

UPDATE 10/6 - The Riverwalk AVAC is working today.