Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Roosevelt Island Explorers Kids And Parents Celebrate Fall For Arts Festival By Creating Cardboard Cars, F Train, Tram, Airplane, Coach & More

Roosevelt Island Explorers (RiEX) Leila Vujosevic shares these photos and reports on the Roosevelt Island 2015 Fall For Arts Festival held Saturday October 10:

Many Island families came to Blackwell Park on a perfect fall day to take part in the annual Fall for Art Festival organized by RIOC and RIVAA.

This year’s theme was: Roosevelt Island: Celebrating Our History and Our Future.

Roosevelt Island Explorers invited families for an engaging, creative and fun workshop – creating vehicles that take us to, from and around the Island, including new inventions.

Materials: cardboard boxes, tubes, cake circles and tape.

It did not take long before imaginative creations filled the Blackwell Park lawn:

 cars in variety of shapes,


 and colors,

 dozens of trams suspended from a rope,

a coach,

 F train,

even an airplane

 and a helicopter.

Everybody had a great time - children and their parents.

This was another demonstration of the rich possibilities our beautiful Island offers to its residents – Roosevelt Island Explorers will continue to engage families in similar activities spreading the joy of being together.
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