Thursday, October 15, 2015

Soccer Star Goalie Tim Howard Visits Roosevelt Island Octagon Field Yesterday For Tourette's Syndrome Charity Shootout Event

Image Of Tim Howard At Roosevelt Island Octagon Soccer Field From Kim Massie

The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse reported yesterday that star Soccer Goalie Tim Howard was on Roosevelt Island at the Octagon Soccer Field.

Image From Kim Massie
Why was Tim Howard on Roosevelt Island yesterday? According to My Central Jersey:
Blocking four out of five shots, North Brunswick native and U.S. Men’s Soccer Team goalkeeper Tim Howard racked up $80,000 for his charity of choice — the N.J. Center for Tourette Syndrome. Adding in money raised by fans retweeting sponsor El Jimador Tequila's hashtag for $1 a retweet, the NJCTS was presented with a check for $105,000 at Octagon Fields on Roosevelt Island on Wednesday.

Before the shootout, Howard, who was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome as a child, shook the referee's hand and assured him that he would “try his best.”...
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The Twitterverse adds:
Here's the shootout (Click the full screen icon for better view).

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