Thursday, November 12, 2015

Roosevelt Island Residents Association Social, Cultural & Educational Committee Report To November RIRA Common Council - Upcoming Projects, Events And Ideas

Below is Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Social, Culture & Educational (SC&E) Committee

Image From RIRA

report to the RIRA November Common Council: 
Review of projects for the coming year 2016:

Egg hunt: March 19th or 27th: Simplified to egg hunt, prizes and giving books to families.

Cherry Blossom Festival: Tentatively scheduled for April 30th.

Roosevelt Island Day: scheduled by RIOC.

Hands‐Only CPR: on‐island advertising for training sessions in residents’ buildings, RI businesses’ staff members, and any Island organizations and groups. Recruit trainers. Jeff to include this information in his RIRA WIRE column. Amalgamated Bank has requested training for its employees. We discussed the need for RIRA CPR signs for placement at events.

Youth Initiative Subcommittee: Chair: Adib Mansour. Possible projects:
  1. A chef will come teach families how to make pizzas. Chef Ciro Casella will cover all expenses for materials and will bring his own wood oven. Possible venue would be the PS/IS 217, or Nonno’s. It is intended to bring Middle School children and their parents together to learn about Italian culture and make pizza with a special recipe. 
  2. Develop a skate board park on RI. 
  3. Italian famous designer Stefano Imbert will do a book cover project with the youth. Working on the venue.
Other Possible projects:

Community Emergency Readiness Program: To be lead by Ellen Polivy. Program will involve CERT/RI CERT Team members, Hands‐Only CPR training. Ben Kallos' office will provide "Go‐bags" for islanders.

Preschool education seminar: Partner with the RI Parents' Network and schools.
Purpose: To help families navigate getting their children into appropriate schools and programs in the City. RIRA President, Jeff Escobar will lead, and SC&E will co‐sponsor this event.

Public Service Announcement project with the girl scouts. Girl Scouts to create signs for the island encouraging being good neighbors: help keep our community clean, etc.

Bollywood party / RIRA fund raising event: dinner / dance. Possibly January or February 2016.

Amalgamated Bank expressed interest to SC&E Chair, Lynne Shinozaki, in becoming more involved by financially helping with its projects and events.

Possible proposals for support:
  • Co‐sponsoring CPR program by funding the cost (or partial cost?) of CPR banners and supplies: approximately $750 for CPR supplies ($500 for manikins, CPR training kit / 5 pack, CPR banners).
  • Funding for Girl Scouts created PSA posters and, 
  • Funding for youth initiative ($400‐$500).
Amalgamated Bank suggested that they would also like to support RIRA by having their staff personally volunteer at various RIRA events.

Put in a motion to RIRA for updated RIRA logo banners to be placed at events. Or ask Amalgamated Bank for funds?

Need to do an inventory of the RIRA storage space with SC&E event supplies.

Respectfully Submitted, Sharon Williams

HOCPR Subcommittee Chair
RIRA SC&E Chair Lynn Strong-Shinozaki gave this oral report to the November Common Council

reporting that the donated Kraitz Sculpture pictured below

will be installed this spring near Southpoint Park (pending approval by RIOC Board), encouraged RIRA members to reach out to residents in their building for Hands Only CPR Training and a Good Neighbor initiative with the Girl Scouts.