Thursday, December 17, 2015

Roosevelt Island Explorers Children And Parents Send Holiday Celebration Messages Around The World

Roosevelt Island Explorers Leila Vujosevic reports:

Last Saturday Roosevelt Island Explorers invited the Island families for a fun holiday event - sending holiday wishes to our loved ones all around the world.

The unusually warm weather helped turn the Blackwell Park lawn into a playground where children and adults

created beautiful holiday messages. The following countries and U.S. States were represented:

France, Italy, Russia, Georgia, Brazil, Australia, Equador, Serbia, China, Ukraine, Belgium, Israel, Turkey, and Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, New York…

In addition to variety of holiday messages, a wish for PEACE

was included because "some people still have guns in the world"…

Something to think about: although children mentioned countries they come from, what mattered most was being with friends regardless of where they come from. Multiculturalism seems to be a grownups' construct.

We look forward to continue our Island explorations next year…

Happy Holidays!
Roosevelt Island Explorers Facebook Page is here.