Friday, January 22, 2016

Watch Fantastic 360 Degree Immersive Dance Video Filmed At Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park With Incredible NYC Skyline View - You Control The Camera Angle Too

Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park was the site recently for a terrific dance video shot using 360 degree camera technology. According to Dance Informa:

In an exciting new venture, New York City-based choreographer David Fernandez has partnered with digital production agency Visual Mercenary Group to create DANCEIMMERSIVE, a series of dance videos to be shot in a new 360-degree-angle technology. The first of their videos, filmed on NYC's Roosevelt Island and which features two New York City Ballet (NYCB) dancers, ....
The Visual Mercenary Group told me:
We chose Roosevelt Island for the open space and the beautiful views.
The dancers are NYC Ballet members Alexa Maxwell and Laine Habony.

Watch New York Duet on Roosevelt Island - you can control the camera angle with the arrows at upper left hand corner of video

Check out a full screen version of the Roosevelt Island 360 degree view dance video at the Visual Mercenary Group web site. Also, if you have a headset, watch in Virtual Reality.

Dance Informa adds:
... This first video by DANCEIMMERSIVE was shot using a seven-camera rig with a stationary tripod. The videos from each of those seven angles were then stitched together to form the full 360-degree picture....
Click here for the full Dance Informa article.