Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 2016 Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Update - Campus Buildings Construction On Schedule, Maybe New Hotel, More Cherry Trees, Job Opportunities, Air Quality Monitoring & Improving Life For Disabled With Mobile & Wearable Technology

Image of Cornell Tech Campus Construction Seen From Queensboro Bridge From 1/25 Presentation

The Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Construction & Community Task Force quarterly meeting took place January 25.

Image From Cornell Tech January 25 Presentation

Cornell Tech Director of Capital Projects Andrew Winters provided the latest update on Roosevelt Island campus construction including status of:
  • Utilities infrastructure and Roadways,
  • Bloomberg Academic, Residential and Co-Location buildings and
  • Executive Conference Center and Hotel,

Mr. Winters took questions from the Task Force on:
  • Plans for hotel,
  • Landscaping Eastern Esplanade - will investigate Cherry Trees for area,
  • Job Opportunities for residents and
  • Air Quality monitoring

Followed by Cornell Tech's Jane Swanson describing an upcoming round table discussion between Cornell Tech and Roosevelt Island's Coler Hospital staff and patients to discuss how mobile technology can improve life of disabled population using mobile and wearable devices.

Here's the January 25 Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Community & Construction Task Force presentation slides.

UPDATE 2/4 - From Cornell Tech:
Construction Update

February 1 - February 12 Look Ahead

Roadwork and Central Utility Plant – Work inside the Central Utility Plant continues with mechanical fit out and painting of the transformer vaults. Primary electrical distribution at the main feed from the street is underway. On the roof, screen wall posts are being installed and grouted in place. Roof flashing work is also ongoing. Enclosures for the rooftop mechanical units will be installed toward the end of this period. In the vault, cable racks and conduit installation work is ongoing. Utility infrastructure continues in the West Loop Road.

Co-Location Building – At CoLo, the first floor deck is being poured in the beginning of this period. Spray on fireproofing will also commence at the basement level. Steel erection continues and is currently on the 6th floor.

Residential Building – The superstructure will reach the 25th floor by the middle of the second week and form work will be underway for the 26th floor by the end of the period. Masonry in the interior continues as does mechanical and electrical sleeve installation throughout. Drywall for the Residential Building is being delivered via barge.

Bloomberg Center – At the Bloomberg Center, temporary lighting is being installed on the 3rd floor. Primary steel for the photo voltaic panel system is underway and will continue through this period. The second floor concrete deck will be prepped and poured in this period, and prep work for the 3rd floor deck will commence towards the end of the second week. Spray on fireproofing in the cellar will begin in this period.