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Thursday, February 4, 2016

RIOC Extends Roosevelt Island Garden Club License Agreement To End Of 2016 - Board Members Seek Assurance Of No Standing Water Allowed To Attract Disease Spreading Mosquitoes At Garden

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) agreed to extend the Roosevelt Island Garden Club (RIGC)

license agreement thru the end of December 2016 during RIOC's January 28 Board of Directors meeting. (full web cast of RIOC Board meeting here).

Below is excerpt from RIOC staff memo to RIOC President Charlene Indelicato and the RIOC Board in support of the RIGC license extension for one year.
In March 2015, RIOC extended the following agreements with the Roosevelt Island Garden Club (RIGC):
  1. Permit for Limited Activities on Roosevelt Island License 
  2. Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement
  3. Revocable License Agreement
  4. Waste Removal Letter Agreement
These agreements will expire December 31, 2015.

To that end, RIOC wishes to extend the Agreements with RIGC for one (1) additional year. In addition to the agreements that are already in place, the RIGC agreed to: 1) design, install, and maintain a garden property that includes plants and fixtures such as benches, fences, planters, and tables; 2) open the garden facility to the public as well as community residents; 3) keep the property in a safe and ordinary condition in accordance to all regulations, orders, terms, and conditions, as set by RIOC; 4) keep the garden open for a minimum of twenty hours per week during the specified time periods; 5) reserve the garden space for gardening-related activities; 6) regularly dispose of any garbage generated on the premises; and 7) maintain insurance as required by RIOC, among other things.

RIOC’s extension of these terms until the end of 2016, will allow RIGC to continue its operations at Octagon Park and sustain the continuity of the garden space....
During the RIOC Board meeting, President Indelicato described the good relationship developed between RIOC and RIGC and recommended that the License Agreement be extended. RIOC Director Michael Shinozaki raised safety concerns regarding standing water within the Garden Club and other Roosevelt Island open fields attracting mosquitoes that could spread disease.

Mr Shinozaki was seeking assurance that measures are being taken to prevent the accumulation of standing water at the Roosevelt Island garden.

Ms. Indelicato replied that the standing water safety concerns are being addressed.

Here's video of the full discussion.

More information on the Roosevelt Island Garden club available at their web site.