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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Roosevelt Island Resident Yawa A Gem Of Bike New York - Here's Why

Bike New York profiles Roosevelt Island resident Yawa Kurkiewicz. According to Bike New York:

Yawa Kurkiewicz lives on Roosevelt Island, which she considers to be “a gem” of New York City. As a committed student, fierce National Bike Challenge competitor, and volunteer, we consider Yawa to be “a gem” of Bike New York. Yawa’s also an avid knitter, and, yes, she did knit that beautiful cowl she’s wearing in the video.
Meet Yawa as she describes learning to ride a bicycle and volunteering with Bike New York.

In 2014, reported on Yawa 

 Bike NY Learn To Ride Team Winner Yawa Image From Caitlin Goodspeed

learning to ride a bike and racking up the most miles in Bike NY's Learn To Ride Challenge.

Bike New York is hosting a Bicycling Basics class Tuesday February 16 at Roosevelt Island's Sportspark gym:
A 3-hour on-bike class for adults and mature teens who have recently learned how to ride a bike or who want to improve their core cycling skills. You’ll learn how to adjust your helmet for a safe, comfortable fit, choose an appropriately sized bike, adjust the seat, perform a simple mechanical inspection to ensure the bike is road-ready, start & stop with confidence, shift gears, scan & signal, and navigate around common road hazards.
Click here for more info on Bike NY free education classes.