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Monday, February 1, 2016

Roosevelt Island Thrift Shop Will Not Reopen In New St Cabrini Church Space At 504 Main Street - Items Can Be Donated At Chapel For Monthly Flea Market Instead

Reported July 2015:
... The Roosevelt Island St Francis Cabrini Catholic Church signed a lease for a new home on the second floor of 504 Main Street, including a thrift shop and chapel (1st Floor will be new home of NYPL Roosevelt Island branch)...
Apparently, St. Cabrini no longer wishes to operate a thrift shop in their new space at 504 Main Street when it opens.

During the January 26, 2015 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Main Street Retail Committee meeting with Hudson Related Main Street Master Leaseholder representative Pedram Mahdavi, I asked about the status of the new Roosevelt Island St.Cabrini Church premises and Thrift Shop.

Roosevelt Island St Cabrini Church parishioner Linda Heimer confirmed that the St Cabrini Thrift Shop will not reopen but that there will be a monthly flea market set up for donated items delivered to the St Cabrini Chapel at 564 Main Street.

More on Roosevelt Island Main Street retail status later today as update or tomorrow.

UPDATE 2/2 - Why can't Roosevelt Island's long vacant Main Street retail stores find tenants. Full video of RIRA/Hudson Related retail meeting here.