Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy 50ish Musical Comedy Theater Show Co-Writer/Star Lynn Shore A New Roosevelt Island Resident - Loves Living Here

Welcome new resident Lynn Shore to Roosevelt Island. Mr. Shore reports:

Last summer we moved from Southern California to Roosevelt Island. We bought an apartment in Island House. During our time waiting for our renovations to complete, we lived in Octagon. Last month, we moved into our new place and it’s beautiful. I snapped this picture

a couple days ago as I got up early. Just enough light in the sky to say good morning, with a few lights still on the buildings. I love the reflections on the water and the beauty of our view.

Just wanted to share…we love it here.
Mr. Shore is the co-writer of Happy 50ish musical comedy theater show.

Image From Happy 50ish

Mr. Shore adds:
For Happy 50ish, I co-wrote it and starred in it. We ran last summer off Broadway and it's now setting up for a US and Canadian tour. 
Some scenes from Happy 50ish musical comedy

and more information available at their web site and Facebook Page.