Friday, April 1, 2016

Check Out The Noguchi Museum Just Blocks From The Roosevelt Island Bridge In Long Island City This Weekend - 30th Anniversary Programming Includes Tom Sachs Interpretation Of Chanoyu Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

 Image From Inhabitat

Looking for something interesting and fun to do this weekend. Take a walk over the Roosevelt Island Bridge to the Noguchi Museum

in Long Island City right across from Costco at Vernon B'lvd and 33rd Street.
Currently exhibiting at the Noguchi Museum is Tom Sachs Tea Ceremony

 Image From Noguchi Museum

According to the Noguchi Museum:
The Museum’s 30th-anniversary programming culminates with an installation by celebrated artist Tom Sachs. This major exhibition is the first at the Museum to present work by a single artist other than Noguchi.

The exhibition centers on an immersive environment representing Sachs’ distinctive reworking of chanoyu, or traditional Japanese tea ceremony—including the myriad elements essential to that intensely ritualistic universe.

Among the large stone sculptures by Isamu Noguchi in the Museum’s indoor/outdoor galleries, Sachs has set a tea house in a garden accessorized with variations on lanterns, gates, a wash basin, a plywood airplane lavatory, a koi pond, an ultra HD video wall with the sublime hyper-presence of Mt. Fuji, a bronze bonsai made of over 3,600 individually welded parts, and other objects of use and contemplation. Sachs has also produced a complete alternative material culture of Tea—from bowls and ladles, scroll paintings and vases, to a motorized tea whisk, a shot clock, and an electronic brazier.
Check out the Noguchi Museum - just a few blocks from the Roosevelt Island Bridge on Vernon B'lvd and 33rd Street in Long Island City.