Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Latest Report On Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Campus - June 13 Community Town Hall Meeting, Look Inside Chain Gate Fence & Construction Update

A tipster sends in video below of Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech campus construction site

Image Of Under Construction Cornell Tech Hudson Related Residential Building

seen from inside the gated chain fence

Image Of Under Construction Cornell Tech Bloomberg Center Building

on new paved road while passing the Bloomberg Center with a brief glimpse of the Co-Location and Residential buildings (at 40 second mark).

Click full screen icon for better view.

Cornell Tech will be hosting a Town Hall Community Update meeting on June 13. You're invited to learn more about the project and ask questions.

Image From Cornell Tech

Here's the latest Construction Update from Cornell Tech:
June 6 - June 17 Look Ahead

Roadwork and Central Utility Plant – At the Central Utility Plant (CUP), louver installation at the transformer vaults will continue through the second week of the period. Power feeds from the CUP to the Bloomberg Center will begin in the second week of the period. Electrical and mechanical work is also ongoing in the CUP. In the North Loop Road, curb installation will continue through the second week of the period. Final utility installation in the southern section of the East Loop Road should be wrapping up by the end of the period. Plumbers and electricians are working on connections from the rainwater harvesting system’s tank to the Bloomberg Center, and the storm lines to and from same will be complete by the end of the period. Landforms are starting to take shape in the Phase 2 area of the site and will continue through the summer. Controlled access to and from points south of the Cornell Tech Site will be switched to the West and South Loop Road in this period.

Geothermal – Pipe installation is ongoing in the well field and trenching for same is underway at the Bloomberg Center.

Co-Location Building – The roof and parapet for the Bridge (CoLo) will be poured in this period. Precast concrete exposed foundation panels will be installed during this period on the south and north side of the building. Glass Façade Panels will start to be installed in the first week of the period. The façade operation will continue through September of this year. Mechanical and electrical work continues inside the Bridge.

Residential Building – Façade work continues at the Residential Building with panels being installed on all sides and will reach the 15th floor by the end of the period. Interior framing will be up to the 18th floor in the second week of this period and plumbing will reach the 23rd floor by the end of the period as well. Elevator work inside the building is ongoing.

Bloomberg Center –Façade installation will continue on the west side of the Bloomberg Center. A second crane will mobilize for the glass curtain wall at the southwest corner of the building. Interior fit out continues for all trades.

Cornell Tech will hold a town hall meeting on Monday, June 13th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Manhattan Park Theatre Club, 8 River Road. Please join us for an update on academic programming, campus construction, campus operations, K-12 education and community programming.