Friday, June 17, 2016

New Roosevelt Island Resident Asks For Clean Up Of Graffiti On Walls And Otterness East River Sculpture, Shoreline Rock Garbage & Weeds In Northern Section Of Island

New Roosevelt Island resident Greg Morales shares these pictures and reports:

I just moved to RI about a month ago and was really impressed with the quality of landscape maintenance around my building (Island House) and the buildings to the south. This past weekend I went for a walk on the northern end

and was kind of taken aback by how crumby it looked. I know if this was a City park, I could call 311 or the park manager for the council district but who do I call here? And especially about garbage in the rocks of the shoreline?

Does anyone do cleanup days of the shoreline?

Are there no rules about graffiti removal?

 Inspections to see that weeds

are growing under the promenade benches?

I was particularly upset by the graffiti

on the Tom Otterness sculpture - less upset that it had been graffitied (that happens) but that it wasn't removed immediately and I'm sure others would be too if they knew. Must say the garbage on the rocks was the worst though,

 just kept thinking about all of the plastic in the oceans.