Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rat Killing Roosevelt Island Homeless Cat Keeps Messy House - Local Wildlife Volunteers Clean Area Up After Receiving Resident Complaint

A Roosevelt Island resident shares this photo yesterday showing inside an open space

at bottom of Hudson Related construction shed next to the Southtown Commercial Garbage lot

Image of Construction Shed (left), Garbage Lot (right) and NYPD K9 Training Area (center)

and reports:
You don't think this is contributing to the rat problem? There are pounds of cat food feeding more rats than any 1 bad week of garbage.
The Commercial Garbage Lot received complaints and press coverage about overflowing garbage during the Memorial Day weekend.

I asked the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC):
Does anybody know what this mess in picture is?

... It looks like a feast for the rats.
RIRA ISC Committee member and Founder of the World Wildlife Freedom Foundation Rossana Ceruzzi explained:
It used to be a feeding space for a cat that got messed up with the missing door I guess.

Just checked and yes it looks bad. I will ask a volunteer to help clean up. The cat will stay though.

The cat takes care of business there by killing rats.
Yesterday, you could see the hole in the construction shed.

Today, the hole was boarded up.

More info on the Roosevelt Island homeless cats

 available from the World Wildlife Freedom Foundation web site.