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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Verge Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of The Roosevelt Island Tram - Encourages Ride On The Tram Because It's Helluva Fun

The Roosevelt Island Tram has been receiving alot of favorable publicity recently encouraging more and more people to take a ride.

For example:

According to the The Verge:
... To celebrate the tram's birthday, The Verge's social media maven Kirsten Frisina and myself took it for a spin and recorded the whole thing on Facebook Live. We talked about the tram's unique place in the city's transportation hierarchy, as well as what happens when a power surge knocked it out of commission a decade ago, trapping over a dozen commuters hundreds of feet above the East River for up to 12 hours. (Spoiler alert: there was peeing into bottles.)...

Very well done video.

According to The Verge video, approximately 70% of Tram Riders are residents and 30% are visitors.

Here's more on the Roosevelt Island Tram 40th Anniversary Celebration.