Monday, July 25, 2016

Extremely Hot NYC Weather Today - Roosevelt Island Cooling Center Open Until 9 PM With Assistance From RI CERT Team, It's Available So Don't Be Bashful To Use It

Another extremely hot day today. Heat index 100-105 in NYC.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) reports:
As a reminder, the Roosevelt Island Cooling Center, located at 546 Main St., will be open Sunday and Monday, July 24 July 25, from 9 AM- 9 PM when the National Weather Service issues a Heat Advisory for the New York City area.

This advisory is issued for New York City area when the combination of heat and humidity is expected to make it feel like it is at least 95 degrees for two consecutive days, or 100 degrees for any length of time.

Individuals without air conditioning, particularly those at risk for heat-related illness, should use established cooling centers during a heat wave.
Roosevelt Island resident and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member Frank Farance adds:
RI CERT team is providing additional coverage at cooling center 5PM to 9PM so people can stay later.

 RI Cert Team Gwen Ryals, Frank Farance, Angela Grant At RI Cooling Center

We've been providing the extra converge at the cooling center since Friday, and will be there through this Wednesday.

Over the weekend, we found out that because CERT was at the cooling center, Public Safety was able to use its resources elsewhere, such as Lighthouse Park, to make sure things were quiet on Roosevelt Island. In my opinion, that's exactly the kind of stuff CERT was designed for: providing coverage so police/fire can go do other jobs that ONLY police/fire can do.

Us CERT volunteers were very happy to provide relief for our neighbors, there were several people who really really needed to be out of the heat.

If you have a neighbor who needs some cooling, e.g., they don't have air conditioning (or don't use it), encourage them to come to the cooler center, even just for an hour, to get some relief. There is a chilled water cooler there, too.

Everyone, please check on your neighbors. It's not just seniors, we had some 20-year-olds come in, too. Don't feel bashful. :-)
Great job by the RI Cert team in helping our neighbors stay safe and cool during this heat spell.