Thursday, September 1, 2016

Multiple Roosevelt Island Construction Projects Displacing Rats From Their Shelters - RIOC Will Escalate Efforts To Exterminate Vermin And Garbage Removal

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) acknowledged what residents have long known, Roosevelt Island rat sightings

are on the rise.

According to the (RIOC):
RIOC has learned that there have been increased sightings of vermin on Roosevelt Island due to our multiple ongoing construction projects.

While these projects are crucial to the development, maintenance, and modernization of our island, there is also the unfortunate danger of increased rodent activity, as they are displaced from their shelters. With this fully in mind, we are escalating all efforts on the island pertaining to extermination and garbage removal.

RIOC employs exterminators to service all indoor and outdoor RIOC facilities on a monthly basis and their next scheduled visit is this coming Tuesday, September 6th. The frequency of visits are subject to modification and we will investigate additional services for this current situation.

Also, notifications have been sent to all Roosevelt Island building managers to step up their efforts as well. We hope the community will assist us by making sure to dispose of all waste in proper receptacles and being proactive in keeping our island clean.