Monday, October 3, 2016

A Day In The Life Of Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217, Does It Bring Back Memories Of Your School Days - Also PTA Fall Festival And Cornell Tech Teacher In Residence Program Too

 Maybe this video from Roosevelt Island resident Nick Turner will remind you of your neighborhood grade school days. Mr. Turner shares this snapshot of a day in the life of Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217.

Check out more information about Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217, including the October 21 Fall Festival

Image From PS/IS 217 PTA

and new Cornell Teacher in Residence Program:
I’m Meg Ray, the Teacher-in-Residence at Cornell Tech, and I’m so excited to be here. I will be embedded at PS/IS 217, coaching teachers in computer science content, leading model lessons in the classroom, and providing other supports related to teaching computer science in elementary and middle school. You may know that PS/IS 217 was selected to participate in the Elementary Software Engineering Program (SEP Jr.), and I will help support that implementation, which provides teacher training, curriculum resources and other materials to the school. Cornell Tech’s Teacher in Residence is the only program of its kind in New York City....
at the PS/IS 217 PTA web site.