Sunday, June 11, 2017

You're Invited To Roosevelt Island Toastmasters Club Open House June 12 - Learn How To Take Your Public Speaking Skills To Next Level And Meet New Friends

Are you interested in increasing your public speaking skills, projecting greater self-confidence and meeting some new friends? If your answer is yes, then you might be interested in joining the Roosevelt Island Toastmasters Club. According to Roosevelt Island Toastmasters:

... Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing program that offers continuous feedback in a friendly, supportive environment. We can help you develop public speaking and leadership skills that can help you succeed in your business and personal life!

Roosevelt Island Toastmasters is a diverse, positive, encouraging group. We're home to members of diverse backgrounds, ages, and worldviews. At a meeting of Roosevelt Island Toastmasters, you will learn something new, meet friendly New Yorkers, and enjoy some tasty treats....
The Roosevelt Island Toastmasters are hosting an Open House on Monday June 12 at Gallery RIVAA (527 Main Street) starting at 7 PM. You're invited.

The June 12 Toastmasters Guest Speaker is Roosevelt Island resident Susan Cameron. Ms Cameron is author of the book Perfecting Your English Pronunciation and:
... an actor, educator, author, accent coach and the head of voice and speech at Columbia University. On June 12th she will lead a training on accent modification. This will be useful for both native and non-native English speakers.
More information about the Roosevelt Island Toastmasters available at their web site and Meet Up page.