Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network RI Moms On The Move Three Year Anniversary - Moms, Dads, & Caregivers Are Invited To Join Them For Walk And Exercise Thursday July 6

The Roosevelt Island Parents' Network is celebrated the third anniversary of it's RI Moms on the Move program. Saskia Dux shares these photos and reports.

Dear all,

The RI Parents' Network launched its RI Moms on the Move (RI MoM) program three years ago. Congratulations to all! Since June 27, 2014 we met regularly at the Tram kiosk, went for a walk, exercised, had picnics, went to playrooms and enjoyed each others company while watching our children play and grow up together.

Thank you to every mom and dad who participated in these fun gatherings and came to RI MoM despite rain, crying babies, unfinished laundry, sleep-deprivation and other challenges of parenting and life. If you never made it, please join us Thursday! Pregnant moms, moms of children of all ages, daddies and other caregivers are all welcome.

Special Thank you goes to Paulina Mansz, an Island mom of two who started the exercise part three years ago and made us sweat and laugh every week as our fitness coach. She has moved to Washington but thanks to many other volunteers the RI MoM program has been continued! Thank you all for your volunteered time and for bringing so much joy and friendship into our group!

To all: Please join us Thursday, July 06, 2017 for a celebratory picnic on the occasion of a 3 year anniversary of the RI MoM program.

We will meet at 9:30am at the Tram kiosk and go for a walk. Afterwards we will continue with some exercise and the picnic. Please bring a blanket/mat for you and the kids, some toys to share and something to eat and drink.
Please contact Saskia if you would like to join the RI Moms on the Move.

The RI Moms on the Move is not just a summer program. The Moms

did winter too.

Here's the post from three years ago announcing the first RI Moms On The Move walk and exercise program.

Happy Anniversary Roosevelt Island Moms On The Move!