Friday, August 11, 2017

RIOC Board Rejects Motion By Director To Suspend Distribution Of Funds To Roosevelt Island Seniors Association - No Current Evidence Of Pending Investigation Concludes Majority Of Board

As the August 9 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board Of Directors meeting was nearing it's end, RIOC Board Director Michael Shinozaki raised an item that was not on the original Agenda (Video web cast of meeting here).

Mr. Shinozaki made a motion to suspend any distribution of previously allocated $12,000 in Public Purpose Funds by RIOC to the Roosevelt Island Seniors Association (RISA) until any investigation of RISA is finalized.

RIOC's General Counsel Jaci Flug advised the Board that she spoke with the Manhattan District Attorney's office and was told that the former Director of the Roosevelt Island Senior Center recently plead guilty to 1 count of Grand Larceny and 1 Misdemeanor arising out of activities at the Senior Center. Ms Flug added that the Manhattan District Attorney said the investigation is closed and no charges or investigations are pending against RISA or any of it's Board members.

Ms Flug asked Mr Shinozaki if he had any information that an investigation is currently pending. Mr. Shinozaki replied:

I can't disclose that at this time.
The RIOC Board did not approve the motion to suspend payment of allocated funds to RISA.

Yesterday, I asked Mr. Shinozaki:
... As you recall, Rioc's General Counsel reported that her conversation with the DA's office indicated that the investigation regarding RISA was completed.

You disagreed implying investigation into RISA was continuing.

Is that a correct description of your understanding.

Do you have any further comment?...
I have not yet received any response from Mr. Shinozaki.

Here's video of the RIOC Board discussion.

More information on the Manhattan District Attorney's Roosevelt Island Senior Center investigation and plea agreement of former Director at this August 7 post. Roosevelt Island Daily has more here too.