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Monday, September 25, 2017

Geese Making Home For Themselves At Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Campus & Adjacent Road - Rider Gets Off Red Bus To Shoo Away Huge Geese On Street So Bus May Pass

The new Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech school has not only attracted residents, tourists and Tech Leaders to it's beautiful new campus, but a large number of Canadian Geese appear to have found a new home there too. Here's just a few of the Geese I saw on the Cornell Tech campus last Saturday.

Roosevelt Island long-timer, Nina Lublin, who has:
... likely seen & heard just about everything transportation &/or pedestrian safety-related issue here on RI...
shares this message she sent to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Transportation Director Cy Opperman last Saturday evening about the geese:
Well, thought you could use a good laugh tonight -- and please do not get mad at either the driver or me. Everything we did was careful & safe.

Coming north on the West Channel Rd just north of Southpoint Park & before the Cornell Cafe, the road was blocked by about 15-20 or so of the biggest Canadian geese I've ever seen on RI.

Our driver slowed to a crawl, then stopped completely, & honked his horn gently a few times, but the geese would not budge to either side.

He then carefully stopped the bus, I jumped off & started shooing them to one side. Easier said than done. But after about 2 minutes, I cleared the roadway, got back on the bus, he thanked me& we proceeded.

It being RI, of course there were visitors on the promenade watching & taking pix w. their phones, but not helping. I may be somewhere in the Twitterverse -- or worse.
Also, be careful where you walk on the Cornell Tech campus grounds, particularly the hilly meadow area - goose droppings everywhere.


SkaTP said...

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