Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Roosevelt Island Resident Requests Help For Mexico After Devastating Earthquake Yesterday

Horrific tragedy in Mexico yesterday as it was struck by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. According to the NY Times:

Two strong earthquakes, 12 days apart, have shaken Mexico this month, crumpling buildings, sending panicked people into the streets, and together killing hundreds of people who were unable to escape the destruction....
Click here for the full NY Times article.

Roosevelt Island resident Susy del Campo Perea, a Mexican national, asks:
Could you please donate to the Mexican Red Cross that is in need of so many things to help my people, my Mexico where we had 2 earthquakes back to back and where buildings crumble down and are still falling apart?

The images are horrible, places I know.

Mexicans of all sorts, sizes, ages, have been working all day and all night to move every piece of rock to get people out.

Mexico needs you RI!!

Dogs are looking for persons under the rumble of collapsed buildigs. They need to eat.

Citizens with motorcycles are transporting Paramedics, drs and volunteers. They need gas.

We need picks and shovels to keep working.

We need insulin, gauze, sterile water, surgery gloves, working gloves, cribs, diapers.

Buzzfeed reports:
... Water, medicine, and other provisions are needed....
and has more info on how you can help people affected by the Mexican earthquake.

UPDATE 9/21 - NY Times has more on how to help the Mexico earthquake victims.