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Friday, October 13, 2017

SPONSORED POST - Check Out The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market For Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Homegrown Products - Open Every Saturday, Rain Or Shine At Motorgate Plaza

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market located under the Motorgate Ramp is open early morning to mid afternoon every Saturdays in good weather and bad.

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market features a wide selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables including a variety of locally grown and

tasty Apples.

Also, Tomatoes,



Mangoes, Papaya,

Berries, Chestnuts,

Asian Pears,


Sweet Corn,

Real Hot Peppers

and much, much more.

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market accepts credit

and EBT cards for payment too.

Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Healthy.

Visit the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.

Every Saturday early morning until mid-afternoon under the Motorgate Ramp.
The Farmers Market is also a great place to chat with your friends and neighbors, and meet some new ones too.

 See you there!!!!