Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roosevelt Island Q102 Main Street Bus Stop Near RI Bridge Moved 175 Feet South During Helix Ramp Repairs Due To Safety Concerns - Helix Ramp In Worse Condition Than Thought, Repairs May Take A Few Additional Weeks Says RIOC

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):

Due to pedestrian safety concerns in the area of on-going construction work on the Helix ramp - that connects the Roosevelt Island Bridge with Main Street - the northbound Q102 bus stop, near that intersection, will be moved today about 175 feet

RIOC President Susan Rosenthal reported last Friday:
One lane of the Helix ramp project has been completed and work has begun on the second travel lane. As was before, workers will have to demolish the existing concrete topping slab, and in some cases, replace the underlying rebar, (the mesh of steel wires used to strengthen and hold the concrete in compression).

As we’ve mentioned previously, some sections of the Helix’s existing structural concrete slabs (see illustration)

were in worse disrepair than we’d originally diagnosed and will require a more extensive repair that may extend this project’s completion a few additional weeks.
The Helix Ramp repairs began March 12 and were scheduled to take 4 months.

During the May 17 RIOC Board of Directors meeting (full video of Board Meeting here), RIOC VP of Of Capital Projects & Planning Steve Noone reported on Helix Ramp repair construction project status.

Mr Noone informed the Board that the Helix is more damaged than originally thought and tells the Board that it will be asked for an additional $1.2 million to the original expected cost of $3.1 million.

Mr Noone added that a change in the Street Lights sequence at top of Helix suggested by "Gridlock" Sam Schwartz Engineering will result in an approximate 45% traffic reduction coming from Queens in the morning and a similar reduction in evening traffic to Queens and on weekends.

At the May 17 RIOC Board meeting, Mr Noone estimated a completion date for the project at end of July.