Tuesday, June 19, 2018

CBS Channel 2 News Visits Roosevelt Island And Gets Tour With RIOC Staff - Our Own Little Utopia Says RIOC, People Live Here For The Peace & Quiet

CBS Channel 2 news reporter Elle McLogan toured Roosevelt Island recently and spoke with Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Chief Operating Officer Shelton Haynes and Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson.

According to Mr. Haynes:

... It's our own little Utopia in the middle of NYC...
Mr Robertson responds to a question of why people choose to live on Roosevelt Island saying:
... For the peace and quiet...
Mr Robertson adds:
... When the island was first developed, there was a lot of concern and thought put into having a place that would be easily accessible to people with disabilities, that would be easily accessible for seniors, people with children, people with different incomes, and people of different cultural and racial backgrounds. That was one of the unique features of the island that a lot of people don’t know [about]. And the people that live here are very proud of that...
Watch the full Channel 2 News Roosevelt Island segment.