Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Meet Lauren Trapanotto, NY State Democratic Party Committee Candidate For 76 Assembly District Including Roosevelt Island - Aims To Drive Change And Bring Reform To The Dems

Are you interested in NY State Democratic Party politics? This is for you.

Lauren Trapanotto reports

The Democratic Party is divided into three levels, with elected representatives at the National, State, and County Committees. 

I am a candidate for the New York State Democratic Committee in the 76th Assembly District, which includes Roosevelt Island. The election will be held on Thursday, September 13 on the Democratic Primary ballot.

My name is Lauren Trapanotto

and I am running to represent Roosevelt Island on the Democratic Party's State Committee. I am running because I believe our Party has failed to live up to its values, and that Democratic voters are taken advantage of by politicians who know that progressives have few other options on election day. If elected, I will be the advocate we need, working to break the hold establishment figures have and pushing the Party to take a stronger stance against bad actors in Albany.

The State Committee has the potential to meaningfully shape the political landscape here in New York for the better, but has served mostly as a rubber stamp for incumbent bosses in Albany seeking to maintain control. It is responsible for overseeing campaign spending, writing the Party’s platform, and selecting Democratic National Committee Members. The Committee can also “fast track” its favored candidates onto the September primary ballot - as it did in the governor’s race earlier this year - allowing them to avoid the expensive and time consuming statewide petitioning process.This all affects how the Party operates and when done behind closed doors can end up biasing our elections.

Last year, as part of a grassroots effort to break insiders’ hold on the Democratic Party, I became a member of the Democratic County Committee and helped kick off a broad reform movement to open up the Party and limit the role of lobbyists and consultants in the leadership. We will be voting on the proposed reforms later this summer. If elected to the State Committee I intend to do the same in Albany, fighting to prevent the Party leadership from treating our campaign fund like a piggy bank and ensuring the Party remains neutral in primary elections at all levels until voters have chosen our nominee. You can read the rest of my platform here. I am proud to be supported in the race by the Four Freedoms Democratic Club, which has been at the forefront of the movement to clean up our Party and is engaging progressive activists right here in the 76th AD.

I am running against a 20-plus year incumbent, but I am confident in my chances, because I know what most of you know: that the Democratic Party in New York needs change. I want to be the driver for that change, and I hope I'll have your support.

You may have seen me around the island collecting signatures to get my name on the ballot. If you do see me, I hope you will sign and take a minute to chat about what I am working on. I will be attending the Roosevelt Island Town Hall on Thursday, June 28 at Chapel of the Good Shepherd from 6-8 PM. If you’d like to learn more about my campaign, please check out and my Facebook page.
Ms Trapanotto (pictures at right) and her colleagues were seen petitioning during Roosevelt Island Day.
Come meet Ms Trapanotto at the Roosevelt Island Town Hall with our elected officials tomorrow, June 28.

Ms Trapanotto is running against the incumbent, Ruth Halberg.