Thursday, October 4, 2018

Roosevelt Island Say Goodbye To Island House Main Street Steps, Coop Board Removing Steps For Reconfigured Lobby Area And New Door Station - Check Out Island House Apartments For Sale

The long time steps leading up from Roosevelt Island's Main Street to the Island House lobby

are in the process of being demolished this week.

According to the Island House Coop Board Of Directors
The Island House Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Island House lobby expansion and reconfiguration program is underway. The project will include relocating the main entrance through the historic Good Shepherd Plaza and will include enclosing the existing outdoor entry area with new energy efficient glass curtain wall, enhanced security, as well as a new door station and energy efficient entry door system. An all redesigned interior lobby will provide residents with an efficient, comfortable and lovely lobby experience.

The first phase of the project involves the removal of the steps that jut out into the sidewalk along Main Street. The removal of the first set of steps at 575 Main Street started on Wednesday. Board President Amrah Cardoso said “the Board is very happy to help improve the Main Street experience for all Roosevelt Island residents by removing those steps.” The initial idea for removing the steps, according to Cardoso, came from RIOC, who offered financial support and a contribution of the z-bricks needed to restore the sidewalk after the removal of the steps. The scope of the project increased substantially, according to Cardoso, once the removal of the steps was included into the project design.

Removal of the steps and restoration of the sidewalk is expected to take approximately 2 weeks and the remainder of the project is expected to be completed by April. Island residents are requested to follow the directional information and safety construction signs and only to cross in designated cross walks and temporary walkways. Always follow instructions of Public Safety Officers.

Island House Management
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