Friday, November 16, 2018

Roosevelt Island Goldwater Hospital Resident Returns To Site Of Demolished Hospital Now Cornell Tech Campus - Shares Memories Of Life In Open Doors Video, Var's Goldwater Experience

The Open Doors program at Roosevelt Island's Coler Hospital:

... supports the creativity and leadership of people who have been harmed by street violence and live in a long-term care facility. Through storytelling, poetry, hip-hop and more, OPEN DOORS members inspire action for safer, more just communities...

An example of the creativity inspired by the Open Doors program is this:
Video by OPEN DOORS member Andres "Jay" Molina, chronicling fellow OPEN DOORS member LeVar "Var" Lawrence's memories of Goldwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island.

Also, a profile of Open Doors Filmmaker Andres "Jay" Molina:

Take a look at November 2013 final day
of Goldwater Hospital and July 2013 video of patients expressing their fears and concerns of Goldwater being shut down.