Thursday, December 27, 2018

Newsletter Item From Roosevelt Island And Upper East Side NYC Council Member Ben Kallos Helps Save Life Of Constituent

Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side NYC Council Member Ben Kallos publishes a monthly newsletter full of information he hopes is of interest and useful for his constituents. In one case, an item in the Kallos monthly newsletter saved the life of an Upper East Sider.

According to Our Town:
... a 49-page monthly bulletin for Upper East Siders helped one resident detect, deter and defeat a deadly disease.

“This is one story I will not be forgetting anytime soon.” City Council Member Ben Kallos

The 10 scariest words in the English language, Ronald Reagan used to joke, are these: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

Kathleen L. Steed embraces a very different world view. Officialdom, she believes, can offer comfort, company, support and holiday cheer.

And every once in a while, it can even rescue you from mortal peril....
Click here to read the full Our Town story and here for the December 2018 newsletter from Council Member Ben Kallos.
  1. Campaign Finance Reform Approved with a Milllion Votes
  2. GPS on School Buses Needed to Prevent Lost Children During Storm
  3. New York Times Editorializes in Support of My Ethics Reforms as Model for State Legislature
  4. Term Limits for Community Board and Civic Engagement Win 
  1. Holiday Party
  2. Save the Date: State of the District
  3. New York Classical Theatre: Reading of “Women and Servants”
  1. Helping Upper East Siders Find Housing with PIX11
  2. National Experts Weigh in on Scaffolding Reform
  3. City and State Offer Amazon $3 Billion in Tax Breaks and a Helipad
  1. Massive Turnout, Long Lines, and Soggy Ballots
  2. Making History with Government Data
  1. Upper East Side Streets Continue to Get Safer for Pedestrians and Cyclists
  2. Families for Safe Streets
  1. National Education Award Given to Upper East Side Public School
  2. Civic Hall Announces $2 Million in Funding for a Digital Curriculum
  3. Celebrating 45 Years of the New York Public Interest Rights Group
  4. Eleanor Roosevelt High School International Dinner
  5. Honoring Our Childcare Workers
  1. Getting More New Yorkers to Compost
  2. Turkey Giveaway for Thanksgiving
  3. Rally Against Loss of Coverage at New York Hospitals
  4. Politics of Food Summit at Baruch College
  5. NY Cares Coat Drive on Roosevelt Island
  6. Toys for Tots Drive on the Upper East Side
  1. Everybody Loves Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer—Especially Me
  2. New York City Should Have Its Own Ride Hailing App
  3. New Book from Friends of the Upper East Side: “Shaped by Immigrants”
  4. Protecting Immigrant Communities: Public Charge
  5. Attention Religious Institutions: Apply for a Grant to Upgrade Security
  6. The Roof Over Our Heads: A NYLAG Life Planning Workshop
  7. Thank You For Attending the Shred-A-Thon Thanksgiving Edition
  8. The York Theatre Celebrates 48th Anniversary
  9. Kicking Off Second Annual Anime NYC Weekend
  10. Opportunity for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
  1. Legislative Corner
  2. Free Legal Clinic    
  3. Here To Help
  4. Mobile District Hours
  5. Ben in Your Building
  6. Community Boards
  7. NYPD Events
  8. Neighborhood and Tenant Associations
  9. Events for Adults
  10. Events for Kids
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