Thursday, December 20, 2018

Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree Emporium Sale Update - 17 High Quality Christmas Trees Available For Sale This Saturday At Motorgate Rotunda On First Come, First Serve Basis

This Saturday, December 22, may be the last chance to buy a Christmas Tree at the Roosevelt Island Motorgate Rotunda.

As reported earlier this week:
The PS/IS 217 PTA sponsors the Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree Emporium at the Motorgate Rotunda.

I asked the 217 PTA:
A resident tried to buy a Christmas Tree today but the vendor was not there under the Motorgate...

... Does the PTA know if the vendor will be back and why were they not there today?
A 217 PTA representative replied that they were told the following by the Christmas Tree vendor yesterday:
We sold out of tress yesterday and will be working on getting some more for next week.
As discussed, there is a run on trees this season and we took all that we could get ( please see links)
I believe that we will have for at least next Sat.

We will do everything we can in order to serve the community...I promise...
Here's a Roosevelt Island Christmas Tree Emporium sale update received yesterday from a PS/IS 217 PTA representative:
Please note that Finkel & Son managed to get 17 high quality Christmas Trees. They will be selling them on Saturday 12/22 starting at 9 am, next to the Motorgate garage. They will sell on a first come first serve basis. They will probably be sold out and closed on Sunday 12/23.