Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It's A Snow Day, But Where Do Roosevelt Island Kids Go Sledding This Year After Southtown Riverwalk Hill Shut Down For New Construction?

Today was one of those rare snow days this year when Roosevelt Island kids could go sledding.

But where would they go now that the Southtown  Riverwalk sledding hill

is no more due to the construction

of Riverwalk Building 8?

Some suggestions from residents include hills in Blackwell Park, 546 Main Street courtyard and back of 560 Main Street.

In February 2018, Cornell Tech was asked if hills on their campus

could be used by Roosevelt Island kids for sledding. At the time Cornell Tech replied:
... that the grass on the campus hills are still developing so they need to keep people off the grass.

But once they are developed in a year to a year and a half, Cornell Tech will revisit the idea of sledding on the campus hills....

Happy Roosevelt Island sledding - Somewhere?

UPDATE 8:30 PM - Sledding down Southtown Riverwalk Hill in 2015.