Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How To Safety Dispose Of Your No Longer Needed Or Expired Medicine In An Environmentally Friendly Manner - Drop Off Medicine Disposal Kiosk To Be Installed At Roosevelt Island Duane Reade Pharmacy

According to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA);

When your medicines are no longer needed, they should be disposed of promptly. Consumers and caregivers should remove expired, unwanted, or unused medicines from their home as quickly as possible to help reduce the chance that others accidentally take or intentionally misuse the unneeded medicine, and to help reduce drugs from entering the environment...
The Roosevelt Island Duane Reade (Walgreens is parent company) will soon make it easier for you to dispose of your expired or unused medication at this newly installed, though not yet operational, kiosk next to the Pharmacy counter.

Currently, the closest Duane Reade medication disposal kiosk is located at their 3rd avenue and 57th street store.

The FDA adds these informational links for medicine disposal.
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