Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Restaurant Deprived Roosevelt Island Residents Plead For Take Out Delivery Service From Uber Eats & Amazon Fresh Whole Foods - No Luck So Far But That May Soon Change With Help From NYC Council Member Ben Kallos

Restaurant deprived Roosevelt Island residents have taken to social media pleading for take out delivery service from Uber Eats and Amazon Fresh Whole Foods. So far no luck but that may soon change.

Today, I asked NYC Council Member Ben Kallos if he received any response from Uber Eats or Amazon about delivering to Roosevelt Island. Mr Kallos replied:
Thanks to outreach on social media and follow up from the Roosevelt Islander I've reached out to both Uber and Amazon regarding delivery of foods to Roosevelt Island.
A spokesperson for Uber Eats added:
We want to serve the entire city, including Roosevelt Island, and hope to partner with local restaurants to make that a reality.
I followed up asking the Uber Eats Spokesperson:
Is there any estimate as to when Uber Eats will serve Roosevelt Island?

Also, what is the difficulty in delivering to Roosevelt Island?
Will update when response received.

Here's how Uber Eats is supposed to work.

Stay tuned for announcement.

UPDATE 8:30 PM - According to Josh J. Jamieson, Communications Director for Council Member Ben Kallos:
Uber has been responsive to our questions about service expansions. We understand it is their goal to partner with local restaurants to get them to commit to expanding delivery areas. We are still trying to connect with Amazon.
UPDATE - The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse adds: