Friday, April 19, 2019

Hope Church Hosts Roosevelt Island Egg Hunt Saturday April 20 At Firefighers Field - 10 Thousand Eggs To Be Picked Up Filled With Candy

Hope Church is hosting the annual Roosevelt Island Egg Hunt at Firefighters Field.

According to Hope Church:
Join neighbors from the surrounding area for an island Egg Hunt. Gather at Firefighters park (across from 405 Main Street) for a free egg hunt. Get ready for some live music, kids activities, snacks, and 10,000 Eggs filled with candy!

We will also be raffling fun prize baskets from our local Roosevelt Island businesses. This is your place to purchase your discount raffle tickets below. The day of prices will go up!
Here are some scenes from 2018 Egg Hunt.

Past eggs hunts hosted by Hope Church and before them, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA), here.

UPDATE 4/20, 10:55 AM - According to the Hope Church:
Parents and Guardians,

Sorry for the change, but we will postpone until 4PM today

We will still meet at (Firefighters field) at 4PM

Hope to see everyone there.

Get out those rain boots! It will be a messy (and memorable) egg hunt!
UPDATE 7:20 PM - After a few hours delay due to the rain earlier this morning the Roosevelt Island Egg Hunt took place with approximately 500 families taking part.

Here are some scenes.

After the rush to pick up as many eggs as possible, I witnessed a very nice act of kindness by one young Roosevelt Islander. A boy named Matthew learned that a friend was upset because she was not able to get many eggs. Matthew took some of the eggs in his basket and slipped them into his friend's basket - Well done Matthew!