Thursday, April 25, 2019

Interview With East River Catholics Roosevelt Island St Francis Xavier Cabrini Pastor Richard Baker - Serving 3 Communities In One Merged Parish, Slovak Speaking, English Speaking And Roosevelt Island, Also, Importance Of Outreach To Ethnic Groups

The Roosevelt Island St Cabrini Church

is part of the merged East River Catholics parish that also includes St. John Nepomucene and St. John the Martyr on the Upper East Side.

Father Richard Baker is the pastor of the East River Catholic churches and was interviewed in early April by Father Louis Scurti of Friends Of The Word.

The discussion was very interesting and shown below in three parts.

Take a look.

Part 1 - Father Baker discusses the merging of East River Catholic Churches 3 years ago and serving three communities in one parish -  the Slavak speaking community, English speaking community and Roosevelt Island community.

Part 2 - Father Baker discusses his previous ministry as Pastor of the St Malachy's Actors Chapel.

Part 3 - Father Baker gives an overview of the Catholic Church in Manhattan, specifically the East Side including Roosevelt Island's Cabrini Church which he says is:
... predominantly people that are connected to the UN as well as the medical world....

... over on Roosevelt Island we're beginning to build a family ministry
Father Baker also speaks about the historic importance of ethnic/immigrant group churches and notes the failure of the Catholic Church to reach out to the Laino and Asian communities.

Here's more info on East River Catholics, Roosevelt Island's St Francis Xavier Cabrini Church as well as Cardinal Dolan's January 7, 2018 visit to

and opening dedication

Father Baker Welcoming Cardinal Dolan To Cabrini Church Dedication

of Roosevelt Island's Cabrini Church.

Also, Father Scurti celebrating Easter Mass last Sunday

at Roosevelt Island's Cabrini Church.