Monday, April 22, 2019

Roosevelt Island Moving Forward Initiative From Island Kids - Includes Free 6 Week Vocational Training For Young Adults 18-30 Starting April 26, 10 Week Song Writing & Music Video Production Program For Teens Starting April 26 And Cooking/Culinary Arts Programs For Teens Too

Island Kids' Nikki Leopold reports on the start of the Moving Forward free initiative for Roosevelt Island that includes a vocational program for young adults ages 18-30 and 2 teen program for 14-18 year olds.

According to Ms Leopold:

Moving Forward is the newest Island Kids initiative. The goal of Moving Forward is to help teens and young adults successfully navigate the personal, social and emotional growth necessary to reach their full potential. Based on a series of focus groups held in 2018, the following programs were implemented

Moving Forward Vocational Program: (aged 18-30)

We are very happy to announce the beginning of the Moving Forward Vocational Program. Participants will take part in a series of workshops designed to address possible barriers in finding employment and staying employed. The workshops will focus on work readiness and anger management and run for 6 weeks. Topics will include interviewing skills, attitudes towards work, preparation for the work environment, stressors and demands of family, self-sabotage and adapting to the work environment. At the completion of the workshops, participants will receive a certificate and have an opportunity to choose from vocational programs including security guard training, flagging, painting, and training to receive their drivers license. All vocational training will be free of charge for the participants and paid for by the Moving Forward program. Registration is open now and workshops begin on April 30th.

Moving Forward Teens (aged 14-18)

Island Kids Teen Cooking Club

The Island Kids Teen Cooking Club began in the fall of 2018. The club is for teens aged 14-18 and is free of charge. The cooking club teaches teens to cook delicious meals while learning the benefits of healthy eating. In addition, the club hope to spark interest in some of the teens to pursue a career in the culinary arts. In the spring of 2019, teens will go on "field trips" to colleges with culinary arts programs to learn more about the field. The club meets once a week throughout the year. At the end of each semester, the teens prepare and serve a meal free of charge to the community. In December, we held our first annual winter celebration dinner, open to the entire Roosevelt Island Community. This year, we will collaborate with Carter Burden and the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association to hold a Mother's Day brunch for seniors at the senior center.

Teen Song Writing and Video Production Workshop

Island Kids is partnering with Open Doors to implement a song writing and music video production program for teens aged 14-18. The program is free of charge. The 10 week pilot program will begin on April 26th . Teens will work with members of Open Doors to learn song writing and music production techniques including use of samples, understanding tempo and rhythm, editing lyrics, collaborative song writing, vocal editing and arrangement, storyboarding and performance technique. The program will culminate in students performing their song in their own music video. Students are also introduced to song writing and Video production as a possible career path.

Those that are interested in registering should email
Ms Leopold discussed the needs of Roosevelt Island Teens and Young Adults during the October 2018 RIRA Public Purpose Fund Grants application process shown in video below.