Tuesday, May 21, 2019

RIOC President Says Figment NYC June 1-2 Lighthouse Park Event A Test Case To See If Roosevelt Island Can Handle Large Crowd Events - PSD Hosting May 23 Town Hall Event To Discuss Safety Preparations For Figment, You're Invited To Attend And Share Concerns

Roosevelt Island is hosting the 2019 Figment NYC Participatory Art Project at Lighthouse Park on June 1-2.  The event is expected to draw large numbers of visitors to Roosevelt Island which is of great concern to residents who do not want a repeat of the Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation disaster with:

  • dangerously long lines at the Tram, Subway, Ferry, 
  • closure of the Roosevelt Island Bridge to traffic,
  • lack of bathrooms, food and water for the visitors.
Estimates of visitors for the Cherry Blossom Festival ranged from 35 - 40 thousand people overwhelming Roosevelt Island that day.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal reported during the May 9 Board Meeting that the Figment NYC event will be a test case to see if Roosevelt Island can handle large crowd events.

Ms Rosenthal said that the 2018 Figment NYC Festival at Governor's Island drew 12 thousand people but that they have no idea how many visitors may come to Roosevelt Island this year. Ms Rosenthal added that the Figment NYC Lighthouse Park event will be using tickets for entry. 

Following the Cherry Blossom Festival Transportation disaster, RIOC has been in discussions with NYC Emergency Management, NYPD, FDNY, MTA and Figment NYC organizers to develop safety procedures for the June 1-2 Lighthouse Park event.

On May 23, the RIOC Public Safety Department will host a community Town Hall Meeting to  discuss safety preparations for the June 1-2 Figment NYC Lighthouse Park event.

According to RIOC:


THURSDAY, MAY 23rd at 6 PM

The Chapel of the Good Shepherd

543 Main Street ADA accessible

Invited Guests:

NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM), NYPD, Figment NYC, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, Council Member Ben Kallos

What: Figment NYC is a free participatory arts event that celebrates creativity by challenging artists and participants to find new ways to create, share, and dream.

When: Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd

Where: Various Island locations, including Lighthouse Park, along the West Promenade, the Motorgate Atrium, and the lawn south of Rivercross.
Here's May 7 RIOC Operations Advisory Committee meeting discussion of plans

for Figments NYC event.

Also, click here if you are interested in volunteering to help at Roosevelt Island's Figment NYC participatory public art project.

Learn more about Figment NYC at their web site.