Friday, May 24, 2019

Scenes From Chabad Of Roosevelt Island Annual Lag Ba"Omer Celebration At Blackwell Park - Kids Playing, Adults Kibitzing, Tasty Shmores, A Little Education And A Bonfire

The annual Chabad Of Roosevelt Island Lag Ba'Omer Bonfire Celebration took place yesterday in Blackwell Park. Scott Piro shares these photos and video of the event.

I’m not a #chabadnik, but I sort of am when I hang with the Duchmans. . I had a blast at their #LagBaOmer #bonfire. I had intended to stay only an hour...then that stretched into 90 minutes, and it wound up being a 3 hour outing. . ▪️Lovely buffet 🌽🍔🥗🌭 ▪️Cool education about this non-Biblical holiday 📚 ▪️Bonfire 🔥 ▪️”Shmores” — really s’mores, but the Duchmans have a cute tweak to make a reference to 🥯 shmears, I think ▪️Kids playing ▪️Adults kibitzing . I did not feel melancholy or regretful to be back on the island. Nor did I feel I had to move back. I only felt happy to be there. I stayed in Blackwell Park the whole time, so didn’t visit my building or see any of my non-Chabad Island friends — except for two who stopped to talk when they walked by. . But seeing ⛴ go by...Ravenswood 🏭 in the distance...glimpses of the red 🚌 going by — it only made me feel very sweet and happy, like a cozy slipper or something. . Watching Rabbi Zalman enthrall the kids with a good show combining education, spectacle and activities was enjoyable as ever. Chatting friends Oren and Nechama, meeting new friends Jo and Zvi — it was all such a happy occasion. . 🔥✡️🔥✡️🔥
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