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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Resident Spots And Films Roosevelt Island Liukoushui Hot Pot Noodle Shop Cooking Meat Outside In Alley Next To Bucket & Mop - Management Responds "Will Get To Bottom Of This" And Will Provide "Only The Highest Of Quality In Every Aspect Of Our Service"

 Outdoor grilling and BBQing is welcome here on Roosevelt Island but a Roosevelt Island restaurant cutting meat outdoors in an alley next to a bucket and mop is not a good thing. A Facebook video posted yesterday shows an employee of the recently opened Roosevelt Island Liukoushui Hot Pot Noodle Shop doing just that. According to the Facebook posting:

LiuKouShui hot pot noodle, I really don’t think the neighborhood is gonna enjoy this one. This is super unsanitary. And it was raining outside!!!
Video is here.

The RI Daily Tweeted:

I asked the restaurant's representative:
There is a Twitter posting of what appears to be a Liukoshi Hot Pot employee cutting meat outside of the restaurant.

... Is this normal practice?

Any statement?

 The spokesperson replied:
... first and foremost thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, we are going to get to the bottom of this. Of course hygiene and complying with NYS health code is our top priority.

We will make sure all of our staff adheres to the NYS health code and provides only the highest of quality in every aspect of our service.
A customer reacted:

Since the Liukoushui Hot Pot Noodle Shop on Main Street last month, I have heard good reviews from residents.