Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Long Delayed Roosevelt Island Tram Elevator Project To Resume Construction End Of October - Soil Was Not Structually Sound For Original Foundation And Time Needed For New Design And Permits Says RIOC

The man in this picture taken yesterday,

like many Roosevelt Island residents, is wondering what is going on with the long delayed Roosevelt Island Tram elevator project?

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) announced in April 2016, that work on the new $6.1 million Tram Elevators would begin in September/October 2016 and be completed in one year.

But work did not start until May of 2018 and then was soon halted after discovering the soil was not structurally sound for the foundation originally designed for the project.

After changing the foundation design and obtaining new approvals from the NYC Departments of Transportation and Buildings as well as the MTA, RIOC reported during the October 15 Operations Advisory Committee meeting, that work on the 2 new Roosevelt Island Tram Elevators will begin by the end of this month, replacing the existing cramped and often broken elevator.

Here's RIOC Project Manager Prince Shah updating the RIOC Board on the Tram Elevator project.

According to Mr Shah, the the cost of the project has increased to approximately $7 million and should be completed by December 2020. Mr. Shah added that the foundation design changes will not effect anything seen above ground.

 Image of GC Eng Eng & Associates Tram Station Elevator Rendering From April 12, 2016 CB 8 Preeentation

Below is the Roosevelt Island Tram Station elevator plan presented to April 12, 2016 meeting of CB 8's Roosevelt Island Committee by GC Eng & Associates. According to the presentation. the new Roosevelt Island Tram Station will have:
  • Two New Glass Elevators
  • Increased User Capacity
  • ADA Compliant Elevators
  • Enhanced Destination Visibility
  • Greater Reliability & Maintainability  
  • Increased Lighting and Security
  • Improved Circulation