Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Roosevelt Island Budget, Nellie Bly Memorial & Roosevelt Landings Negotiations Among Items On December 12 RIOC Board Of Directors Meeting Agenda - Roosevelt Island Experiencing An Economic Boom Says RIOC Budget

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors will meet 5:30 PM Thursday, December 12 at the Manhattan Park Theater Club (8 River Road). You're invited to  attend,, ask questions and share concerns about Roosevelt Island during the opening Public Session before the start of the meeting. Sign up to speak here.

Among the Agenda Items are:

According to the proposed Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget:

The Island is currently experiencing an economic boom in real estate with the construction‐in‐progress for Southtown Building 8 and 9, the completion of phase 1 of the multi‐billion‐dollar Cornell Tech campus site, and the evolution of the original residential complexes. These developments are the main drivers for the increased revenues and expenses mentioned below. This would support the need to increase funding to the Public Safety Department, Community Relations activity, professional support, training, etc. RIOC is contractually and statutorily required to maintain infrastructure and provide adequate service to the Island to accommodate this growth. Accordingly, RIOC is in the midst of significant infrastructure and facilities repairs and improvements as outlined on pages 8 through 10 of the budget....
Also, here's an excerpt from RIOC Assistant VP of Capital Planning and Projects Jonna Carmona-Graf memo to RIOC President Susan Rosenthal in support of the Nellie Bly Memorial:
Background: We wanted to both commemorated accomplishments of important women in history and expand upon the number of art installations on Roosevelt Island. As such, in June 2019 RIOC issued a Call for Artists to create a public monument honoring the achievements of Nellie Bly. She is considered the mother of investigative journalism, largely due to her exposé on the harsh treatment of patients at the Blackwell Island Insane Asylum. Her reports documenting the conditions and treatment at the hospital resulted in reform to the rules governing all hospitals in the City.

A project budget of $500,000.00 was established for the solicitation and includes all fees associated with the proposed memorial. Subsequent to the artist selection, NYC Councilmember Ben Kallos, pledged $70,000.00, to fund the braille plaques, audio app for hearing impaired and secondary walkway within the park.

A selection panel comprised of RIOC staff, RI Historical Society, RI Residents Association and RIVAA met to review proposals and interview the artists.
Concept: The Artist’s concept for the memorial is named “The Girl Puzzle” and creates an interactive experience within Lighthouse Park. It is modeled after a traditional Japanese Zen Garden with stylized landscape features and clean lines.

The proposed installation, within a plaza area of approximately 900 square feet, will have five (5) 7’-0” tall bronze sculptures of female faces set in the park and three mirrored, stainless steel spheres.

As the viewer enters the 60’ long plaza walkway, they encounter two bronze faces on each side of the plaza. The four bronze faces depict women of different ages and ethnicities. A fifth face of Nellie, cast in silver bronze is located at the northern terminus of the plaza. The mirrored spheres are on axis with the center of Nellie’s face and are varied in size. A low seat wall outlines three sides of the plaza to create a contemplative space for the viewer.

The installation will include written quotes representative of her conviction, compassion and accomplishments and will be fully accessible. There will be bronze plaques in braille highlighting the exhibit for the visually impaired and an audio component for the hearing impaired....
and a rendering 

of the proposed Nellie Bly Memorial.

It's not known at this time the reason for the Executive Session Discussion of Roosevelt Landings negotiations. As previously reported, the sale of Roosevelt Landings has been finalized, there is a new building management, C&C Apartment Management LLC, and RIOC was to receive a:
... a Transaction payment for the Roosevelt Landings lease assignment of $1,788,429.73....
Here's the full December 12 RIOC Board Meeting Agenda:





5:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order and Roll Call

II. Chair’s Motion for Executive Session

1. Discussion of Negotiations for Roosevelt Landings

III. Adjournment for Public Comment Period[1]

IV. Approval of Minutes

1. October 17, 2019 Board Meeting (Board Action Required)

2. November 12, 2019 Special Board Meeting (Board Action Required)

New Business

Approval of the Proposed RIOC Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 (Board Action Required)

Approval of Schedule of 2020 Meetings of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Board of Directors (Board Action Required)

Authorization to Amend the Cell Antenna License Agreement with Verizon Wireless (Board Action Required)

Authorization to Enter into Contract with Prometheus Art Bronze Foundry & Metal Fabrication for Design and Construction Services for the Nellie Bly Memorial (Board Action Required)

Any Other New Business that May be Brought Before the Board

President’s Report

Committee Reports

Audit Committee

Governance Committee

Operations Advisory Committee

Real Estate Development Advisory Committee

Public Safety Report


[1] The public comment period will commence after the Executive Session. The public comment period is not part of the meeting.