Friday, February 7, 2020

Roosevelt Island Residents Tell MTA They Can't Cut Off Our Bus Service With Proposed Queens Bus Redesign Plan And We Think They Got Message - Coler Rehab, Octagon, Cornell Tech & FDR Park In Danger Of Losing Bus Service

Last Wednesday evening, a group of about10 Roosevelt Island residents got on a Red Bus provided by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) to attend the MTA's Queens Bus Redesign workshop

held at the Jacob Riis Settlement in Long Island City. Residents of Roosevelt Island's Coler Rehab and Long Term Facility attended the workshop as well.

Here's the proposed new MTA Bus route to serve Roosevelt Island and replace the existing Q102 route.

Image From the MTA

 As previously reported
... the MTA's proposed draft Queens Bus Network Redesign Plan will eliminate the current Q102 bus route serving Roosevelt Island and replace it with a new route (QT78) that:
... will travel on 36th avenue to and from Roosevelt Island bringing better access to Astoria but will no longer travel the current circuitous route to Queens Plaza.

It appears that the new Roosevelt Island NYC Bus Service does not cover area north of the Roosevelt Island Bridge including Coler Hospital and the Octagon Building or south of the Tram Station as the current Q102 service does...
Residents urged MTA representatives at the well organized table top workshop not to eliminate Roosevelt Island Bus service north of the Roosevelt Island Bridge and south of the Tram

Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy was pleased

that a sizeable group of residents attended the meeting to make their views known and she believes the MTA understood the issue and hopefully will not reduce Roosevelt Island bus service.

The MTA plans on issuing a revised plan later this year in June.

More on the Queens Bus Network Redesign plan at this prior post and the MTA's web site.

A small example of how Roosevelt Island is such a special place. On the way back from the Long Island City meeting, the Red Bus driver spotted a young Roosevelt Island resident walking along by Vernon B'lvd and stopped to pick him up and drive him home along with the rest of the group back to Roosevelt Island.