Thursday, March 26, 2020

Roosevelt Island Coler Hospital Patients Test Positive For Coronavirus

As previously reported:
...the additional Coler beds will be used for lower acuity patients freeing up beds at other hospitals for Coronavirus patients....
Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has struck residents at the NYC Health & Hospitals Corp Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island:
My older sister ...  just tested positive with coronavirus and she's at the Coler nursing home in Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt Island social media adds:

I asked an informed Coler Insider about conditions at the Hospital who replied:
It is true. There has been a couple of confirmed cases.

It is no worse here than any where else if anything I believe we are better off than most people. Rest assured Coler is doing everything possible to keep the population safe.

As for the part about nurses refusing to feed someone with a cough I find truly ridiculous. If they do they would not be working here. If it is one thing I know about the administration is they have Zero tolerance for abuse.

Do not believe everything that you hear because believe me if I know of any such.abuse I will be the first one to blow the whistle. I speak to staff on a daily basis and they tell me what is going on in here