Monday, October 26, 2020

Roosevelt Island Bike Safety Virtual Town Hall Thursday October 29, You Must Sign Up To Attend - Roosevelt Island Street Safety Advocates Start A Conversation For Pedestrian And Cyclist Safety

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) is hosting a Bike Safety Virtual Town Hall Thursday October 29:

RIOC, along with local elected officials and guests from Citi Bike/Lyft, Bike New York, and 511NY Rideshare, will be hosting a Bike Safety Virtual Townhall to discuss questions and concerns, as well as provide needed information to cyclists riding on Roosevelt Island. Join us on Thursday, October 29th at 6:30 PM, via Zoom. Registration is required for this event. To register or submit questions, email:

With the increasing number of bicyclists on Roosevelt Island, safety has been a growing concern on the part of pedestrians, be they elderly, children or anybody walking on the sidewalk, waterfront promenade perimeter, park pathways or crossing the street. Green Roosevelt Island Neighbors (GRIN) founder Anthony Longo reported an incident this weekend which is, unfortunately, all too common. According to Mr Longo:

As I’m sure you have seen, issues with bike riders have increased on the island lately. RIOC’s signs seem to have only made it worse. I can’t even count the amount of near misses I’ve seen on the sidewalk behind 480. People live tweeting their Citi bike adventures while they ride between small children and pets. Or just dinging their bell without slowing down, expecting people to move out of their way. I had a guy the other day holler at me, as he rode past, that it was no longer a sidewalk. 

I witnessed an incident yesterday that I cannot ignore. It happened just passed the RIOC offices on the east promenade before the RI bridge. Ironically where the path is at its widest. I was speaking to an elderly friend of mine, and her caretaker. A south bound, unmasked, biker (not a Citi bike) approached. Instead of yielding to the pedestrians he chose to make a derogatory comment to the caretaker as he tried to blow right between them. I stepped in front of him so he had to stop. I asked him if he seriously thought that it was their responsibility to move out of his way. Apparently he did. He made another comment to that end and rode on....

... There is not enough time in the day for me to call PSD every time I see something like this. I filled out a RIOC tikkit just to have it on record. I do not expect much to come with that though. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

A parent recently wrote:

The CITIBIKES freely operate wherever they want including the riverwalks/sidewalks even in presence of public safety. I called public safety and I was told to call RIOC and I did. I was told that it will be referred to management and look into the contract they had with CITIBIKE. 

There has always been posted rules and signs in the island to protect us all. There should be designated bike lanes only.

A group of Roosevelt Island resident bike riders recently got together to form "Roosevelt Island Street Safety Advocates (RISSA). The aim of RISSA is to start a conversation and develop a program for Roosevelt Island Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety. Take a look at their suggestions and let's start a conversation for the benefit of bike riders and pedestrians.


Remember, you must register to attend and ask questions for RIOC Bike Safety Town Hall meeting on Thursday, October 29.

Attention needs to be paid to making the Roosevelt Island Bridge Bike Lane industrial cheese grater safe for cyclists too.

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