Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Read 1977 NY Times Article On Beginning Of Roosevelt Island As A Residential Community - Rivercross Coop Buyers Eager For Utopia To Begin Says Headline

 Read about Roosevelt Island 1977 pioneers in this fascinating NY Times article.

The changing nature of Roosevelt Island affordability for middle income and working class people was the subject of this excerpt from a very interesting video previously posted last week by You Tuber Black In The Core showcasing what he describes as:
Roosevelt Island Gentrification - Stealing The Dream


One does not necessarily have to agree with all of the reporting in this video but the issues raised of gentrification and affordability are real. The video does not mention the new 340 unit Hudson Related Riverwalk Park affordable housing building in the process of opening on Roosevelt Island or the hard fought affordability plans negotiated for privatization of the original Mitchell Lama buildings.