Thursday, November 19, 2020

Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance Roosevelt Island Thanksgiving Food Drive Is Asking For Your Help - Make A Difference In A Neighbor's Life And Drop Your Grocery Items At 507 Main Street

According to Roosevelt Island's Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST&DA): 

MSTDA is proud to announce its first Thanksgiving Food Drive! 

Starting this week and throughout the whole month of November, help us make a difference in someone’s life.

While you are out grocery shopping, consider picking up some extra items from the list below. 

Our designated drop-off center is located at 507 Main Street (Music & Play Station) during the times of 4-6pm Tues, Thur & 10:30am-12pm Tues, Thur & Sat.

Or bring it when your child attends class! If class is in session, please kindly leave your items outside the door and do not enter the space during classes.


 Please donate items by November 22nd. Here is a list of needed items:

Canned goods with pop-top lids are better than canned goods that require a can opener. Avoid foods packaged in glass. Do not donate foods that are past the expiration date.)  


Brown Rice 

Canned Beans 

Canned Chicken 

Canned Fruit in Juice, Not in Light or Heavy Syrup 

Canned Stews 

Canned Tomatoes 

Canned Tuna in Water 

Canned Vegetables, With No or Low-Sodium 

Chicken, Beef and Vegetable Broths and Stock. 

Crackers Dried Fruits, No Sugar Added 

Dry Beans 


Low-Sodium Pasta Sauce 

Low-Sodium Soups 


Unsalted Olive or Canola Oil 

Peanut Butter, Or Other Nut Butters 

Popcorn Kernels (Not Microwave Popcorn) 

Quinoa Rolled Oats Seeds, 

Unsalted Shelf Stable Milk and Milk Substitutes 

Whole Grain Pasta Whole Grain, 

Low-Sugar Cold Cereals 

Granola Bars 




Don’t forget to include baby food

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