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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Watch Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station Platform Get A Soapy Wash And Cleaning

Here's how the MTA cleans the Roosevelt Island F Train Subway platform.

According to this January 20, 2019 MTA Press Release:


The car and station heavy duty cleaning program is an essential component of the Subway Action Plan and coordinates with other Subway Action Plan initiatives. It was launched in December 2018 and work is getting underway this month. The Subway Action Plan allocated approximately $200 million to the overall car and station program. This element of the car and station program involves numerous contractors to perform a one-time blitz targeting 100 priority stations and up to 3,000 cars - for intensive cleaning and refurbishment. Funded by the Subway Action Plan, the plan is to show demonstrable results over the next several months. Once refurbished, regular procedures can maintain the higher level of condition and service. An additional goal of the program is to give NYC Transit and its permanent workforce insight into new techniques, processes and materials that may enhance NYC Transit’s operations for many years to come.
UPDATE 4:15 PM - The Twitterverse asks:

Monday, February 18, 2019

Resident Reports Car Chase, Reckless Driving Donut Spinning, And Possible Gun Seen At Roosevelt Island Tram Station Circle Last Saturday Night - RIOC Public Safety Asks Anyone With Info To Contact PSD

Last Saturday night, a Roosevelt Island resident reported the following incident at the  Roosevelt Island Tram Circle (picture taken Sunday afternoon).

According to the resident:
Did anyone else just hear or witness the explosive noise (and subsequent smoke) near the north side of the tram station? My concierge thought it involved a car chase and someone else thought she saw a gun.

The concierge says the main car spinning out over and over was a high end Mercedes. I could only see the smoke (after the noise) off to the east side of my bldg and at least 2 men run to a red truck, get in the truck, and drive off super fast.

The concierge says someone was outside walking their dog while the main car (Mercedes?) was doing circles, and she thought they were pointing guns at one another. The smell of burning rubber was in our building after that.

After I visited with the concierge about it, I came back to my apartment and 30 minutes later decided I should let the Roosevelt Island police know about the red car that I could see out my window (not the main car involved per the concierge). When I called the police to give the details he said that their patrol had just completed, and the area was fine. I tried again to explain that the incident was 45 minutes prior but that I thought they should be on the look-out for the types of cars involved. The person I was speaking with was not interested in details.

It was 10:30pm on a warm Saturday night so anyone could have been hit through recklessness (if that is all it was). I wish the police had been interested in hearing these details.
A Tram rider saw the incident and added:
It was some lunatic doing donuts with their car at the roundabout near the tram. It happened as I was boarding it earlier.

I saw the tire marks very clearly from the tram cabin. Likely someone recklessly showing off their new ride. Some people really don't deserve a license.
Another witness reported seeing a car speeding down East Main Street past Riverwalk Building at over 50 mph.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Chief Jack McManus asks anyone with any information to please contact the Public Safety Department at 212-832-4545.

Mid Winter Break Broadway Boot Camp For Grades 1-8 Students This Week At Roosevelt Island Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance

Roosevelt Island's Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance is hosting a Broadway Boot Camp during this week's school winter recess for students in Grades 1-8.

According to MST&DA:

Broadway Boot Camp for Grades 1-8

Mid-Winter School Break, February 19-21

9am - 4pm*

*Daily show at 4-4:15pm

Click here for more info on MST&DA Broadway Boot Camp.

Also, more info on MST&DA Spring Theatre, Dance and Music classes offered.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Very, Very Cool Video Showing 360 Degree View Of NYC East River Waterfront From Roosevelt Island Tram - Take A Look

Click on Full Screen Icon at bottom right of video for better view and look around.

Roosevelt Island Transportation This Weekend - Good News, F Train Service To And From Manhattan, Bad News, Only 1 Tram Cabin Operating For Next 12 Weeks

Good news. There is Roosevelt Island F Train subway service to and from Manhattan this weekend.

Bad news, as previously reported, due to a major Roosevelt Island Tram overhaul project, only a single Cabin will be operating each day for at least the next 12 weeks.

 Image From RIOC

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
The Roosevelt Island Tram is scheduled to undergo two major maintenance projects that will reduce operating service to one cabin only beginning on February 14th and continuing for at least 12 weeks, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) announced....

... To help facilitate Island residents’ commutes during this period, RIOC will operate Red Bus shuttles between 58th-Street-and- Second-Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and the Roosevelt Island Tram Station during the weekday afternoon peak commute, 3 PM - 8:30 PM.

In discussions with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority which operates the New York City subway and bus system, RIOC officials received assurances this week that there will be no disruptions to the subway’s F Train line that services Roosevelt Island, including weekends up until April 19.

Additional service will be provided via the E Train line, weeknights March 18 – March 22 and March 25 – March 29; and all four weekends March 23 – April 25.

RIOC has also asked NYC Ferry officials to consider expanding ferry service – to and from Roosevelt Island, Queens and Manhattan - during the weekday peak periods and weekends; and is awaiting their response....
There is Roosevelt Island ferry service on the Astoria Route. Here's the Winter Schedule for Roosevelt Island ferry service.

More info on Roosevelt Island Tram Overhaul at this post.

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